April 2016SMTO Short Report, April 2016

We’re glad to announce preliminary results are now being released! Click on the link below to access the short report in PDF format:

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January 2016

With data collection over (ran September 28 to December 8, 2015), the StudentMove team is now getting ready for next steps. The month of January will be a busy one, as we begin work on processing the data to make it usable for running logic checks on survey responses: we’ll try, for instance, to weed out oddities like 50 km trips users may have accidentally reported having done on foot in under an hour, as well as a slew of other problematic responses that together decrease the value of the dataset. These make their way into all large surveys, but we’ll do our best to remove as many of these before releasing the data. The location data (home locations and activity locations) will also require special attention to ensure that every participant’s privacy is protected. This is of the utmost importance.

But while there is lots of work ahead before the data can be released in its entirety, we will be providing updates as we move ahead.

The first thing we will do is release some statistics on the number of respondents, as well as a few preliminary statistics that could be of interest – number of trips per day, average commute times, percent of students who choose their home location primarily to reduce their commute time, etc. We won’t be doing any complex analysis right away, but as we work through the kinks, we’d like to provide a glimpse at what type of analysis will be possible down the line, as well as why that matters to students, university administrators, city and transportation planners and researchers from all fields.

Ohh, and another important thing: we’ll soon be announcing contest winners! We have $1,000 in bookstore gift cards burning a hole in our pockets and as soon as we can confirm the responses we received are valid and get things ready to distribute the cards, we’ll contact our winners by email.

All the best and check back in the weeks ahead for more news!