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Jessica Huynh
Jessica HuynhOCAD University
Commuting from Downtown Toronto to OCAD University in Toronto, ON.
“I decided to move out of my childhood home for the school year and to rent a place with my friend. The commute to school is a 15-minute walk that goes from a quiet neighbourhood to the university. After growing up in a suburban neighbourhood with trees in front of every house, the urban Toronto streets is something that I can’t get used to.”

At the intersection in front of the school, they’ve been doing construction on the roads for a while and not only is it loud, it really disrupts the flow of traffic. Cars are all cramped and makes me as a pedestrian feel even more unsafe. 

There’s a small neighbourhood on my walk to school that has trees in front of all the apartments. Just in the distance, the CN tower can be seen but is covered in the huge trees and during spring, it just makes the streets more alive.

Karla Alag
Karla Alag Ryerson University
Commuting from Scarborough to Ryerson University in Toronto, ON.
“I take the 505 Dundas bus from Ryerson to Broadview Station which takes approximately 20 minutes, then from Broadview, I take Line 2 to Warden station for another 20 minutes, then I would transfer to the 68 Warden bus for 30 minutes to my apartment”

Taking the Streetcar. This photo doesn’t do the view justice but this skyline (and being able to avoid the 9pm crowd at bloor) makes the additional 10 minutes to my commute worth it.

My least favourite part is having to wait for my bus. The wait time varies on how when I arrive at the station, the later I am here – the longer the intervals are between bus arrivals. Often times, the bus platform is too cold or too warm.